Nadia Handle a start different look on some things

Надя Ручка начала по другому смотреть на некоторые вещи
Last week, the media reported good news, in the family of the soloist of group “Brilliant” Nadia Handle coming addition.

Надя Ручка начала по другому смотреть на некоторые вещи

Nadia is waiting for the first child.

The singer is already in her fifth month of pregnancy and looked forward to the birth of a baby.

Nadia admits that an interesting position allowed her to look at some things differently.

“Life is so wonderfully arranged – it gives all that is necessary in the circle of our interests… Now I am surrounded by pregnant people and babies. I was always sure that everything arrives on time, our willingness, and not when we think we are ready… And never my “files” is not clogged with unnecessary or untimely information… Now the dose of the unknown is just pouring on me from the horn of abundance, and I with enormous joy and gratitude absorb it,” he told the actress.

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