Ольга Орлова ищет дом для друга
The singer turned to his friends with a request.

Ольга Орлова ищет дом для друга

Olga Orlova

Olga Orlova turned to friends for help, but not for himself.
The fact that the singer is taking care of the animal shelter and asked those who have
a financial opportunity to help our younger brothers.

Dogs need not only financial support, but also the house.
Finding accommodation for Pets started and Orlov.

Olga Orlova looking for a home for the dog Alice

“Meet Alice, — signed photo of my dog, Olga. — Found
her in may in the woods. Lying and could not stand up, the front paw was swollen, and
embossed one eye. Alice was wearing a collar, but finding hosts to nothing
led. Alice — the lady is an adult, she’s about 6-7 years old. She is very affectionate, very
timid dog. Loves to be near humans, but absolutely
unobtrusive. Pressed against the legs, and fondled. Eats dry food, quietly
walking on a leash. Very, waiting for their owners! Other dogs, indifferent,
absolutely not aggressive, refers to people with adoration”.

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