Ирена Понарошку боится за свое здоровье
The presenter is confident that the air in Moscow threat.

Irena Ponaroshku

Photo: Instagram

Irena Ponaroshku is concerned about the state of his health. TV presenter
wondered how to safely lead active lifestyle, while staying in Moscow.

opinion of Irena, the air in the metropolis is not useful for the respiratory system. Now
the star is seriously thinking about how to abandon your favorite kind
transport — scooter.

“Of course I love the scooters-great-clips — shares
Fun. But every time, when in Moscow, soared: and it is
health?! The lungs dilate, breathing quickens, and something to breathe? To 25 years I
did not notice the odors our town. But when switched to vegetarianism, bore,
hit the healthy lifestyle, start very badly to feel them. Not
to say that metropolis is a gift. Rather, punishment. Yes,
you know, you can ride in the parks, where the air is decent. But I want something like
somewhere in Rotterdam, the bakery on my bike, two to work on
scooter. I love not just ride, but to move on two wheels
point a to point C With a stop in point b, solving on the way questions. But instinct
of self-preservation says that if you drive on the bike lane boulevards with forever
standing in traffic with cars, you can drive directly to the pulmonology Department!”

Incidentally, because of the intense heat in the capital declared the orange level
danger, and doctors strongly recommend seldom happen on
the so-called “fresh” air.

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