Ольга Орлова разругалась с фанатами из-за появления в её семье малыша
The singer retorted subscribers to criticism.

Olga Orlova with the new pet

Photo: @Instagram olgaorlova1311 Olga Orlova

Olga Orlova brought home a new pet. Now in the evenings after work at the threshold she meets a dog that she affectionately calls baby. “Everyone, this is baby Bruno. Now I have my bear!” — wrote the singer. Puppies sharpei are not cheap. This factor eventually quarreled 38-year-old singer with the part of its subscribers.

Instead congratulate Olga with the acquisition, fans pounced on her with criticism. Like, would it have helped any dog from a shelter, instead of spending the money to buy the “elite” pet. Orlova had to put detractors in place.

“In about discussions some people under the previous post that I took a dog from a shelter. My dear Insta-advisers, haters, and fans “throw stones” on various occasions. Turn it to you. How I “love” your advice and sermons! Just live without them can not! And how every time I’m sorry to disappoint you. Already losing sleep! I spent many years helping the homeless dogs in different ways. Different funds, volunteers, shelters and just found in the street dogs. I want to ask you, what are you personally doing to shelters and homeless animals? And how often? Or his eye beams don’t notice? Come to your senses! Evaluate your actions and deeds! And in General, enjoy your life!” — responded harshly to fans of Olga.

By the way, recently a new pet is acquired and Ekaterina Volkova, who became the owner of a dog breed Akita inu.