Ольга Корбут продала олимпийские медали Not so long ago it became known that the sports star decided to get rid of medals, badges and even passport. The behavior of Olga Korbut, abstaining from communicating with the press, has provoked much speculation. However, the ex-husband of gymnast denies rumors about her financial problems.

      Ольга Корбут продала олимпийские медали

      Recently, the media reported that 61-year-old four-time Olympic champion Olga Korbut living in the US, sold five of their medals. Legendary athlete sold them at auction. She managed to gain worth about 183 thousand dollars. Reporters noted that Korbut also trying to flog earned during his career, including badges, accreditation to tournaments and even the first us passport, obtained in 2000.

      Why Olympic Champions to part with expensive gifts

      Action Olga Valentinovna provoked a strong reaction from the public. According to some fans of sports stars, Olga Korbut is experiencing financial difficulties, just decided to sell commemorative medals. However, the ex-husband of gymnast Leonid Bortkevich these conjectures are refuted. “Mudslinger she said, “you Have no medals and you have nothing to sell. And I have something to put up for auction. And this is purely my own business”, – said the soloist of the ensemble.

      Ольга Корбут продала олимпийские медали

      According to well-known artist, she is married to the son of a wealthy patron and did not complain of money problems. Moreover, Korbut’s entree into the highest circles of society: Bortkiewicz told reporters about friendship, the former wife of the current President of the United States Donald trump.

      “She’s all right, Olga quite well. It continues in America of great interest. Ola constantly come to visit. She knows many famous people. One of her friends – a journalist and publicist, Maria Shriver, who married Arnold Schwarzenegger and is a member of the Kennedy family. The current us President is a big fan of Oli. At the time we stayed at Donald trump’s residence in palm beach, he gave Olga ring with 6-carat diamond,” said the man.

      At the moment Olga Korbut and her husband David live in Arizona. According to Leonid Bortkiewicz, the woman is in fine form and continues to give master classes at the gym.

      Itself Olga Valentinovna prefers to refrain from comment. Recall that earlier media have repeatedly appeared information about the financial problems women. So, in 2002, the correspondents were informed that Korbut was caught shoplifting in an American supermarket. Manager gymnast Kay Weatherford said the situation is a usual misunderstanding. And the son of gymnasts Richard was arrested for production of counterfeit currency. The court found him guilty and sent to jail for 3.5 years.

      Now the heir to the legendary athlete is engaged in business and has a three year old son, born in wedlock with his girlfriend. “He is okay” – quoted Leonid Bortkiewicz “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.