Как Водянова меняет жизни людей: истории спасения девочки с синдромом Дауна и мальчика с аутизмом The model helps children to believe in themselves. According to the parents of children with congenital diseases, thanks to the work of the charity Foundation of Natalia Vodianova, their daughters and sons, there has been progress in development.

      Как Водянова меняет жизни людей: истории спасения девочки с синдромом Дауна и мальчика с аутизмом

      This Tuesday, February 28, Natalia Vodianova turns 35. Many wonder how such a fragile woman for all enough efforts and time to raise five children, take part in fashion shows and shooting for magazines, as well as to active charity. In 2004, the world-famous model, Cinderella from Nizhny Novgorod was founded by the Fund “Naked heart”, which assists children with special needs.

      Natasha this topic is close to her sister, Oksana is also unusual – the girl has autism and cerebral palsy. On the eve of the anniversary of the star the parents of the wards, addressed by the Fund, congratulated Vodianova happy birthday and told me how she influenced their fate.

      The sense of beauty

      Как Водянова меняет жизни людей: истории спасения девочки с синдромом Дауна и мальчика с аутизмом

      Nika Kirillova became a real asterisk after the summer 2015 co-starred with Natalie in the clip Dima Bilan for the song “talk to me”. A joint project of the artist and the Foundation “Naked heart” became the first video in the history of the Russian show-business, which includes the children with disabilities. The main character, which on 11 February was ten years old, was born with down syndrome. Despite the excitement of mom’s Nicknames are Nice, the shooting went like clockwork.

      “After meeting with Natasha and nick came to her and said: “you have such beautiful shoes! And what a dress…” – says Mila. – There is still in my girls a sense of beauty. Vodianova took her hand, smiled and hugged. She knows how to approach children and really loves them, I can tell. After talking with her, I became more confident. Natasha I wish just to be happy.”
      Как Водянова меняет жизни людей: истории спасения девочки с синдромом Дауна и мальчика с аутизмом

      But the filming of the video, the story is not over. At the end of last year, Dima Bilan invited nick to his concert in “Crocus city Hall”. “Daughter stepped on the stage under the applause of the audience, continues Mila. And Dima said, “nick, look what you’ve got fans!” Now it’s her favorite topic: “And Dima Bilan said that I have a lot of fans.” To be famous like her”.

      Mila admits that at the birth she and her husband abandoned the child. “I do not disavow responsibility, – says the mother of the baby. – Yes, we were under pressure, but a gun is not kept. Doctors, for example, said that nick can’t see or hear… Imagine our shock. Fortunately, a month later, we found the strength, after discussing everything with my husband, went back for our girl. And never never give up”.

      An unusual friendship

      Как Водянова меняет жизни людей: истории спасения девочки с синдромом Дауна и мальчика с аутизмом

      Sasha Romanov was a wanted child. Pregnancy the first, fifth attempt. Till three years the boy had developed normally and then started having problems with speech and communication, but the doctors in his native Nizhny Novgorod could not diagnose. The fact that Sasha has autism, identified in Moscow, when he was seven years old.

      “I fell into despair, says the boy’s mother Nadezhda Romanova. At the time, information about autism was almost non-existent. Had to resign from school I worked as a teacher of labor. Got a job in the social care centre “Veras”. Bit by bit studied history. The most difficult period came when he was only 10 years old. He began to fight, be aggressive. The cuffs were mostly given to me. Could as a small child to fall into a puddle and cry. Passers-by made comments, “what kind of mother who can’t raise a son.” I poured tears, grabbed Sasha by the hand and dragged home.”

      Subsequently, the Hope was to predict such outbreaks in the behavior of the son. School boy walking couldn’t. Only lasted two weeks and was transferred to home schooling. “Our Sasha’s life radically changed when in 2012 in Nizhny Novgorod there was a Fund “Naked heart”, – says Nadezhda. Natasha came for its opening. Humble and kind girl. Since we regularly see each other and communicate. For five years I work, lead children’s groups. Easier financially. And the son around all the time. He is now 20 years old. He walks into the adult group with her sister Natasha, Oksana. They both do not speak, but it is very interesting communicate between themselves. As if from afar, watch each other, smiling. Oksanka can eyes to build.”

      The upheaval in the life of Sasha happened in 2016, when he first visited in the integrative camp in Nizhny Novgorod region in the framework of the project “Summer with meaning.” Its uniqueness lies in the fact that children spend time without their parents. “I was terribly worried about if it will fail? – says Sasha’s mother. – But in vain. Each pupil was attached to the teacher. For the week Sasha so much discovery happened much in my life was not. The guys went Hiking, made crafts, went on a bug, on special cables they were raised into the air and circled. After the holidays, showed a video I was watching and could not believe that this is my child! Thank you Natasha just for what it is.”

      A happy childhood

      On the social program, which was implemented at school No. 95 of Nizhny Novgorod, ten years ago we could only dream of. Thanks to a joint project of the Foundation “Naked hearts” with the Department of education and OOO “Gazprom export” at the institution allocated a whole floor for children with autism. Children were divided into four classes of five people. One of them came and eight-year-old Matthew badin.

      “Natasha often in children, says the boy’s mother Oksana Ballina. – In real life she differs from the glamorous image, what appears in the logs. Humble, attentive. I have repeatedly said and will keep repeating that it and the Fund from Matthew, a chance for education and staff. Now we have a world where not alone, do not condemn and you will not hurt”.

      Matthew badin student in the second grade. He found a best friend, his name is Gurgen. The boy understands almost all speech, and he is already talking. The first success Matthew demonstrated at the Christmas party. “Son, dressed in full uniform, read his short poem “the Bear clumsy”, – says Oksana. – Went public, was not afraid. It brought me to tears. This is our common with Natasha!”