Ольга Дроздова мечтает, чтобы сын пошел по ее стопам
8-year-old Elisha, yet not share the mother’s desires.

Olga Drozdova wants his son to follow in her footsteps

Olga Drozdova and Dmitry Pevtsov dream
their son Elisha became an actor. With
early age parents tell him about the nuances of his profession, familiar with
colleagues, lead on social events. However, the question “what do you want to become?”
eight-year-old Elisha says: “a Musician!”. The boy is making progress in the music
the school, where parents gave him a year and a half ago.

“Elisha, like to play
piano, and he learns with great pleasure, — said Drozdov. — Another son enjoys football,
he is an ardent fan of the football team TsSKA.

We will remind, the boy’s grandmother Noemi Semenovna told 7days that the children now
engaged in a music school under the new system, to help you quickly
to understand the information.

“Grandson willingly went to learn,” said Noemi Semenovna. — Previously, remember, we’re months
practicing scales. And now children are engaged on other system, and Elisha already
playing the piano etudes — the whole family is proud of it!”

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