Бывшая жена Грачевского открывает академию любви
Anna Grachevskaya decided to create his own business.

Anna Grecheskaya husband

It seems that the ex-wife of the founder of “jumble” Boris Grachevsky has a story to tell about relationships, sex
and love. Anna Grachevskaya decided to open
love Academy, where she herself will teach. “I have a rather large
experience, I know how to build a relationship with a man, what to do to him
like and how to make him happy. Also I help women to find
happiness in his personal life. Because, as you know, 80 percent of women in Russia is not
know what is sexual satisfaction, ” says Grachevskaya. I’m sure
that is a lot of useful and new to know our future students. I’ll be
some of the training, to share experiences and try to help anyone
there are problems or questions on these topics. For your experience and knowledge, she says
thank you to your men who she was in life.

We will remind, recently Anna
Grachevskaya married a famous basketball player Artem kuzjakina. The couple met in
the gym. Friend Grachevskoe, which has long been friendly with Tom, invited Anya to the game it
team. The athlete immediately made it clear that new friend he’s very cute.

At that time
Grachevskaya was concentrated on a television career and did not seek new
books. So to give vent to his feelings in no hurry. However, the development of
relations did not prevent distance (Anna works in Moscow, Artem — Peter), or the presence of both children
previous marriages (Ani growing daughter, Artem — a daughter and a son).

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