Ольга Дроздова пожертвовала работой ради учебы Recently the wife of Dmitry Pevtsov received another diploma. Olga Drozdova spent a lot of time to finish graduate school. She was able to combine study and work in the theater. The husband supported the wife and went with her for protection.

Last week, the actress received a diploma of the Institute of Contemporary Art. First I congratulated her husband Dmitriy Pevtsov. “I graduated, says Drozdov with “StarHit”. – New knowledge is a good thing, brain activity does not occur in Alzheimer’s disease. Even my teacher said, “Girls, you must head to curl and develop!”

As known, learning is time-consuming, but it was not scared of Olga. She has successfully combined classes with service in the theater and the family is not forgotten.

“For a couple of days before the defense has faced difficulties – continues the actress. – My topic is “the study of the fossilization of insensibility based on the plays of Anton Chekhov”. Several times altered, as the Ministry has changed the rules of registration. Catching up already 40 sheets! Still on the subject staged. My professors were not ashamed of me!”

Dmitry Pevtsov has actively supported spouse. He was caught on video the process of securing her diploma, and then shared the video with fans. Fans actively congratulated Olga with success. Drozdov and Singers happily married for many years. A pair mutual understanding and peace. As told Olga, she realizes how popular she male, so sometimes making fun of them in fidelity.

“I told dime: my age, if you decide the young woman to make, at least tell me so I can prepare in time. And then no one will need, and will have, as is now fashionable, find yourself a 20-year-old boy. Recently one woman was heard saying: “I am first and foremost God, then the children.” And I felt ashamed that I had after the Almighty, not the son, and spouse. I realized this after the birth of Elisha considered Dima. Early thought: well, there’s my husband is. All of it is available. In our family in General has always been indecent to live without a spouse, it is bad somehow… And becoming a mom, I realized that Dima is a freak boy, as Elisha, only a little older”, – shared Drozdov. Olga Drozdova: “Dima wedlock son with a neighbor”