Olga Buzova told about her small Breasts

Ольга Бузова рассказала о своей маленькой груди
The presenter told us, why not do plastic surgery.

Ольга Бузова рассказала о своей маленькой груди

Olga Buzova is considered one of the most beautiful girls in
the Russian show-business. Many fans take her example, and some even
considered the standard of femininity. But there are those who find fault with well-known the lady for no reason. For example, close
attention Olga turned on after the opening of the beach season, posting
your photos in a swimsuit. And then pounced on it with criticism, which
Buzova answered adequately.

“Every year is the same. When you
ask where my chest, I want to ask, where are your brains? says
Buzova.— Chest I can do in any
moment, of any size, but I
satisfied, and I’m sure will find someone who will love me for who I am

We will remind, recently Olga Buzova starred brand
Nude in his video. All
occurs in the works of Olga Buzova directly related to her personal life.
Thus, the leading reality show “House 2” is trying to throw out overwhelming her
emotions after divorce with Dmitry Tarasov. In this sense, the video for her new
the song “People didn’t believe”, which has already seen 2 million people, has become very

It’s good ?????? the buzz in our Villa? #ziznprekrasna

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It all started with the fact that in the video Olga burned her wedding
dress… And then Buzova shared a video taken during a photo shoot for the cover
disk with the song “People don’t believe.” Special attention is drawn to several
moments, during which Olga appears fully Nude, her
cover only the wings of an angel. Thus, the singer underlines its