Ольге Бузовой грозит операция Doctors do not recommend her to speak. At one of the concerts Olga Buzova badly damaged knee. According to its producer, the star is suffering from pain, but not ready to cancel the tour on cities of Russia.
Ольге Бузовой грозит операция

During a speech in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on March 4 the singer has suffered a serious injury – landed badly after the execution of dance stunt and damaged ligaments in his right leg. From the concert hall Buzova was taken away in an ambulance. On return to Moscow, Olga went to the hospital, where she was given the limbs. The doctors diagnosed a “sprain” and prescribed the singer rest. “If it keeps jumping, the situation may worsen and need surgical intervention! – said “StarHit” doctors. – The patient is now in need of rehabilitation. And it may take several months.”

After the incident, Buzova took the day off and rested at home. Courted her sister Anna and friend Yana. Girls visited Olga and arranged a family dinner.

“She is lame, in pain, told the “StarHit” her PR Director Anton Bogoslavskaya. Doctors advised to be on bed rest, but to convince Olya impossible: she still goes on stage, overcoming himself. We are all very worried, I advise you to take a break”.

But the star does not listen to no doctors, no friends. Even more are scheduled for the months ahead – every day Buzova the play “the Man snapped,” that concert. To move normally, the artist takes the strong drugs she is doing intra-articular injections.

Recall that in the moment the star is touring in Russia with his show. She admitted that after the injury not feeling well. “I pulled foot. The scene treats, the scene did not feel anything, and now very painful. Go to the doctor, find out what we do,” – said in a microblog Buzova.