Olga Buzova starting your restaurant business

Ольга Бузова начинает свой ресторанный бизнес
Olga Buzova not cease to amaze with their performance, she is now not only a presenter but also singer and actress, and designer, and soon will become the owner of his restaurant.

Ольга Бузова начинает свой ресторанный бизнес

The other day Olga informed the followers about what is going to open a restaurant in the center of Moscow. Yet Buzova did not go into details, but I think have to wait long.

Ольга Бузова начинает свой ресторанный бизнес

“In the near future in the center of Moscow, on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, opened my first restaurant. This project for two years. For two years we developed the concept for about a year looking for a place. And finally the final, all ready found the room, now begin the repair work. Will soon open my first restaurant in Moscow!” said celebrity.

We will remind that Olga presented their cryptocurrency at a press conference in honor of this for the first time in speaking about the intention to open a restaurant.

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