Ольга Бузова показала помолвочное кольцо TV presenter, currently not seen in relationships with men, posted the picture, looking at which many felt: Olga Buzova serious novel, which she has not yet said openly. Star immediately began to congratulate on your engagement.
Ольга Бузова показала помолвочное кольцо

After her divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov Olga Buzova has achieved in the field of music and in business. More recently, one only has Gloria soul celebrity: she’s lonely. Buzova told that it needs a reliable man who will be her support in life. Despite the fact that today Olga is still considered to be an enviable bride, and her heart ready to fight, many men, the star still wary of suitors. Since then, as Tarasov, in her opinion, betrayed her, she lost confidence in young people.

A few days Buzova has published another photo in which boasted not only a new image, but also a gorgeous ring on the ring finger. Celebrity fans immediately noticed the jewelry and began to congratulate the singer with the engagement.

“I love work” — signed Olga this picture, without saying a word about the ring, thus tossing followers food for thought.
Ольга Бузова показала помолвочное кольцо

Recently in Italy began to take place shooting of the project “Marry Buzova” where the heart celebrity fight wealthy men. The names of some of the participants of the show have already become public knowledge. Among them is millionaire Evgeny Nazarov and owner of the company “the Swan” in the production of cheese Denis Lebedev. Eugene is a cryptocurrency, conducts trainings on business, but Lebedev has a reputation as a fairly closed person, so it is unknown what motivated him to fight for the most talked-about personality in the country.

“Marry Buzova”: the names of the oligarchs who took part in the show

“It is unlikely that I will tell you in the eyes… So I’ll leave it here. I’ve missed you”, after the start of filming of the project Olga became more gentle and romantic, maybe she’s already in love.

Recall, a little over a year and a half ago Buzova divorced with Tarasov. Olga worked hard for a break from the pain saved her loved ones and favorite work. This time period became a very busy one for celebrities: it turned away from many people that she trusted. But Dmitry wasted no time to lose: a short time later after the divorce, he plunged into a new novel with the Rostov model Anastasia Kostenko. In January, the lovers were married, and recently had a daughter. The couple has not yet disclosed the name of the baby.