Стас Садальский обвинил Аллу Пугачеву во вранье Recently the singer for the first time in ten years, gave an extensive interview to Oleg Menshikov, in which in detail told about life and creativity. Revelation of Alla Pugacheva did not like Stas Sadalsky, who continually criticizes the Diva and her husband.
Стас Садальский обвинил Аллу Пугачеву во вранье

Oleg Menshikov has published on the Youtube channel an interview with the diva. Singer for many years did not dare to revelations about his personal life, but, apparently, changed the opinion on this matter. Interview looked scandalously famous actor Stas Sadalsky, which is “roughly breathes” to the family Pugacheva. Sadalsky seemed that Alla is often told a lie. The actor took the trouble to present that evidence. Personal claim he recounted in his microblog.

Стас Садальский обвинил Аллу Пугачеву во вранье“In the beginning of the conversation immediately lie: the story of Alla that the name given to her by her parents in honor of two Actresses Tarasova and Larionova.In honor of Alla Tarasova — maybe, but in honor of Alla Larionova — no: the first film that brought fame Alia, was “Sadko”, it was released only in 1953, and Pugachev born in 1949. In the 49th Larionov know no one knew — a girl from the basement, a freshman. Maybe, and lit up somewhere in the crowd, but without a name in the credits. Only the role of Lyubava in Sadko brought Larionova world famous when Mary Pickford was bowing at her feet, and Chaplin wanted to make in his film. Next… the History of Pugacheva, about how she once found out in the Elevator Vysotsky, what he said to her, “at least say good morning, pig.” Never Vysotsky could not call a woman a pig! The women he treated with aspiration, tenderness, passion. They’re his goddess. But not pigs,” wrote Sadalsky.
Стас Садальский обвинил Аллу Пугачеву во вранье

Recall, this is not the first attack Stanislav Yurievich to the side of Pugacheva. Relatively recently he was in the nines criticized not only the show of Maxim Galkin “Stars under hypnosis”, but his work as a whole. The actor said that the last time Galkin became too much on the Central TV channels. Also Sadalsky regretted artists who are trying to make a PR to show Maxim. The behavior of Stanislav Yurievich Galkin was not surprised, because the actor for many years tried to throw stones in the garden of comedian.

Galkin could not stand the insults Sadalsky

“Dear subscribers! For many years my life closely followed the Honored artist of Russia Stanislav Y. Sadalsky. If you look through you’ll see only part of the conclusions to which he came in different years in the Ministry free from the Melpomene time. I always respected those acting work that I know. We never close not spoken. Once crossed on the set. I publications ten years ago I realized that I do not like him. But the actor continues. What do you think, in what the reason of such long-term persistence?” — wondered Galkin.