Ольга Бузова отказалась удалять фотографии с бывшим мужем The presenter has no regrets about the past. According to Olga Buzova, she is not ashamed of the relationship with Dmitri Tarasov, which lasted six years. Singer argues that much they had taught her.
Ольга Бузова отказалась удалять фотографии с бывшим мужем

Television personality and aspiring singer Olga Buzova summed up. The girl claims that much has changed in 2017. The star released his first solo album and a few clips. Olga claims that have dedicated myself to the work, and therefore was not involved in matters of personal life. According to Buzova, yet it is difficult to find a man she can fall in love. Divorce with Dmitry Tarasov has changed some views celebrity.

“I don’t hurt anymore”: how did the lives of Olga Buzova after divorce

Despite the messy breakup, Olga does not consider it necessary to completely erase from memory everything that was between them. The artist did not even dare to remove some frames of the social networks in which she is depicted with the ex-spouse.

“Everything that happened in the past, apparently, it was supposed to be. I know that there is no turning back. Not ashamed of their love, I have lived with a man for six years. Yeah, then I realized that his game was fake, but I really loved and cherish it as a memory. Six years is a year, and for a long time, and I do not consider it necessary to remove our photos from social networks. This is the story. I was very happy. What makes let it remain on his conscience. But I for my sense is not a shame,” said Buzova.

In conversation with journalists of “Antenna-Telesem” Olga noted that dreams of usual female happiness, but for the sake of a loved one she would be willing to reconsider your busy schedule, in which most of the time takes work. The events that happened to her didn’t kill her faith in people. As the star admits she doesn’t turn into “embittered bitch”.

“Each of us has traits that do not change regardless of life situations. But now I know that may be so: tonight is love and tomorrow – no. I know that I can count on in this life only for themselves. In promises, no longer believe. And the guys in the “House-2″ teach that man renowned for deeds, because words are nothing. The same applies to women. We can hang noodles on the ears, to speak beautifully, but the whole point in the relations revealed in actions, take care in how you ironed shirt in the morning or making Breakfast,” – says Olga.

Buzova still lives in a rented apartment, but she was able to comfortably arrange his “place of power”. “I’m always clean, laid out on shelves, fresh flowers are. My house is my fortress. Of course, I dream about their own homes and doing it,” said the celebrity.