Pregnant Elena Zakharova were saved from the shots

Беременная Елена Захарова спасалась от выстрелов The actress who late last year gave birth to a daughter, told of how he acted in the movie in an interesting position. According to Elena Zakharova, she endured a difficult and stressful situation. Star was afraid to give birth on the set.

In December of last year Elena Zakharova became a mother. Actress of theatre and cinema gave birth to a daughter. The star is not in a hurry to show the child of the public, considering that all the time. Being at a decent time, Elena went on to star and to go out. In a recent interview, Zakharov told about how he worked, being in an interesting position. The recognition of celebrity, she had extremely difficult.

The plot of the new film “bad Teacher 2. Test” heroine Zakharova is in a stressful situation, when faced with criminals. Elena withstood such a test.

“We shot a lot of scenes about a hostage situation. According to the scenario, I, as the mother, the terrorists took pity and released. But to shoot the hard shots still had: for example, it was not myself, when right beside me was shot. It was very scary, I have suffered. I even just in case learned, which is next to the hospital, where I will take in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the ambulance is always on duty. But nothing happened!” – said the actress.

A few days later after Zakharova became a mother, she was released. The artist was invited to celebrate the end of filming the drama Director Alexey Petrukhin “Teacher-2. Test,” in which she starred with Irina Alferova and Andrei Merzlikin. The film people who came to the musical, are held captive by the attackers. “They managed to pass the dreadful test, maintaining human dignity and courage – ordinary people become heroes”, – stated in the description of the tape.

Throughout the period of the film Petrukhina in social networks appear pictures taken on the set. The actors involved in the picture received a large number of vivid impressions. “It was great and emotional. So I never cried and laughed. Thank you to everyone who involved in this project. Creators, you are incredible and sincere people with whom it was a pleasure to work with. Special thanks to the actors. Low bow to you for your expertise, for inclusion and for respecting your profession!” – shared the actress Elizabeth Grouse in the microblog.

Colleagues Elena Zakharova tried not to talk about her interesting position. The photographs in social networks, the actress was captured on the belt. Itself a star, too, preferred not to share details of his personal life. Fans realized that the woman is pregnant only when she came out with a noticeably rounded belly. A week before the daughter Elena gave an interview to the magazine “Pregnancy and birth”, in which he shared his emotions on the eve of important events and spoke about the filming of the movie “the Teacher-2”.