Olga Buzova openly about divorce: “Beloved betrayed me”

Ольга Бузова откровенно о разводе: «Любимый меня предал» Leading “House-2” told about pain and how to cope with it. Olga Buzova admitted that adequately takes all the lessons of fate, though at times she was difficult. According to star, only a strong character helped to break.

      Ольга Бузова откровенно о разводе: «Любимый меня предал»

      Four years ago, the story of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov resembled a fairytale wedding on the boat, a photo shoot, vacation in the Islands, millions of roses and gifts. They bought a house, got a dog, talked about kids, but… the idyll ended in divorce on the eve of 2017. The main reason was the betrayal, saying the athlete cheated Ola model Anastasia Kostenko. Now the ex-husband of a star is destined to go from the press, but the growing popularity of Oli. Over the last month it signed up 2 million instagram users. Olga has overtaken other microblogging celebrities according to the number of followers. For the life of a star watch 8 284 150 people. But any increase of the price of advertising or creative plans will not be able now to numb the pain.

      “Unfortunately, I have to learn from their mistakes, at times stepping on the same rake, – says the artist “StarHit”. – Have had UPS and downs, but now the only regret I have is that I can’t say: “Hello! I’m 21, and I wasn’t married.”

      So, life leading has changed from a pretty blonde it turned into a more sultry brunette has starred in movies, recorded tracks, which soared to the top of the charts.

      “Adequately accept everything that fate brings, – continues Olga. – Yes, I did, but when the love story has no continuation, it should “burn” and move on. Early family and relationship was in the first place, now is work.”

      Relatives and friends were greatly concerned about the state of Oli. But Buzova not depressed – on the contrary, in a few months learned life lesson. Users of social networks and the star friends were divided on two fronts: some supported the girl, others have accused her of indecent behavior after the Network got intimate photos, videos and correspondence with Dmitry nagievym.

      “The more rocks in the back you get, the stronger you become, but deep down I’m fragile. Sometimes you want to relax and feel tender – recognized leading. – Too much to take on my shoulders the issues that we had to solve completely one. Would be a little weaker, I’d be broke.”

      Despite the pain, in January, Olga did not miss the birthday celebration. Huge bouquets of flowers, jewellery, watches for 11 million rubles, and even white Spitz – the TV presenter was inundated with gifts. But the most unexpected surprise made unknown admirer presented Buzova pricey blue SUV “Mercedes”.

      “In the most difficult moment strangers were kinder and more caring, for which I am grateful – smiles Buzova. – I clipped the wings, but I didn’t give up. Don’t want love and marriage, just continue to live and act according to honor and conscience and do what feels right”.

      Now Oli tight schedule – calendar is filled for months ahead. “I planned my future: see it as her husband and children, but now the main thing – career. But at home I have three dogs, we are a lovely family. I hope will not turn into an avid dog person and age don’t make their 50” laughs Olga.

      Last week she shot a video for their second track “Used”, directed by Alexey Golubev. His star announced his vision of the movie, and together they designed the sets and built the frame. By the way, financial issues Buzova took.

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      “Anything you see in the video, I didn’t have to play this live emotions: each word, rotate, breath, story, about which I will tell you the last time and forget about it, – says Olga. We always think that our tragedy is the most patient, and love is the most powerful, but when faced with the betrayal of a loved one, realized that only myself can help myself”.