Olga Buzova kicked another man out of your life

Ольга Бузова выгнала еще одного мужчину из своей жизни
The father of the TV presenter spoke about the divorce of a daughter.

Olga Buzova with her PR Director Anton

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

In the life of Olga Buzova was not the best of times. Recently a high-profile divorce and leaked the scandalous details of the life of TV presenter has added another circumstance. As it became known, Olga broke up with her PR Director Anton Theological, with whom he worked together for several years. This decision Buzova, according to rumors, prompted the leak of personal correspondence from her phone. It seems that the TV star is determined to break with the past and after a divorce to start life with a clean slate. However, Anton has found a replacement Buzova: now he’s working at ISA Anokhina.

By the way, if many colleagues Buzova condemned her for the leaked scandalous sex tape, the family of Olga intends to “stand for it” until recently. The ranks of the defenders fell even the father of the presenter. In his microblog Buzova dad wrote what he thinks about the hype surrounding the divorce of a daughter. “Life is a strange thing. It happens that men behave like women. And it happens that the girl is stronger than the strongest men. Daughter, love you!” — he shared.

Recall that on 29 November, the rumors about divorce Buzova and Tarasova received its official confirmation. In one of his interviews, Dmitry said that according to the prenup will give after divorce Olga half of the capital earned during life together. However, there will be Buzova in fact, the money from the spouse remains a big question. As reported by the media, Tarasov kicked Olga out of the house and took donated earlier luxury car.