Olga Buzova itself brought everything to divorce

Ольга Бузова сама довела все до развода
The other day the TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova presented a clip for the new song “Little half”.

Ольга Бузова сама довела все до развода

In the text there are such words, which say that the singer is open to new relations. Fans genuinely worried about the star, they were even able to see in the song the pain feels Buzova.

“I often hear that, say, a PR on a personal drama. Nothing of the sort. I’m on the subject never speculated, did not press on pity. Moreover, his first song I recorded, still being married. But I didn’t have it out – the track was I need to beautifully complete your performances in clubs, on tour. And seemed to be prophesied to himself with the words: “And the eternal contradictions, and again stupid excuses. Our love is with you – something fragile.” A few months passed, suddenly the Director called me and said: “Olga, tomorrow we release your song.” I’m in shock, “What release? I got the divorce, I can’t even talk and just want to die!” – says Olga.

It is worth noting that every song produced by Olga, takes first place in music charts.

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