Olga Buzova has unveiled two new songs

Ольга Бузова представила две новые песни
TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova recently is the first places of musical charts with their songs “Used” and “the sounds of kissing.”

Ольга Бузова представила две новые песни

The girl has managed with these songs to perform in the cities of Russia, and filmed on one of the songs clip for a very short time, gained a million hits.

Buzova tries to keep its users informed of events and very often releases published in “Instagram”.

It became known that Olga was invited to a private party where she introduced 2 new songs.

“Let someone say, “We are not the same”, I will understand their fate. The words are not about love please now. And become stronger, become stronger. And the people did not believe that angels wings will spread and fly away into the clouds. After all the fallen angels with the new forces will Rise to the sky” – sounds in the passage of one of the songs of Olga.

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