Ольгу Бузову сразил опасный вирус
Presenter of the house lies under a dropper.

Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova was seriously excited fans by sharing on the social network with the following information: “Caused “fast”. She is coming to me for the third hour.” Fans of the TV presenter was badly scared
the post-star, especially after that message was written last night
the star disappeared from the Internet.

he felt really bad, told 7days.ru the PR Director Buzova Anton
The Bogoslavskaya. Yesterday her temperature rose sharply to 39 degrees. When
came doctor Olga, he put her on a drip and brought down the temperature. But today Olya again felt ill. Apparently he picked up some
the virus because of a weakened immune system. This is not surprising. The last time she lot
worked, starred in photo shoots,
he toured. I think “caught” the virus after a trip to
tour in Samara. The train was cold, and she froze at the
the road to Moscow”. A few
days star will remain in bed so, on the advice of doctors, not to risk
your life and health.