Ann Hathaway first showed his son

Энн Хэтэуей впервые показала своего сына
The actress believes that she is extraordinarily lucky.

Энн Хэтэуей впервые показала своего сына

Anne Hathaway


Although the son Anne Hathaway appeared
to light almost a year ago, only recently the actress for the first time decided to share
with fans a photo of his still the only child of Jonathan Rosbanka,
whom she bore from her husband Adam Shulman. Ann posted on his page
social network the kid, staring at the image on the screen “laptop”, and added a photo with the caption: “My son watches as his mom speaks with
speech to the United Nations”.

34-year-old actress is
proud of this performance. She gave a speech in defense of all mothers
suffering because of the too short maternity leave. After all, under American law, paid leave to care for a child of only 12
weeks. “I really don’t understand how you can leave without the means to
the existence of mothers who had given birth just three months ago. In America
most families, living from “paycheck to paycheck”. It turns out that by getting pregnant,
the woman thinks only about how to feed the extra mouth, when
the baby is born. My own mother at one time was faced with a choice:
to raise three kids or work. She chose the house and lost twice
lost wages, and respect, after all, the status of the housewife is not too valued in
society… Raising the next generation, this must change!” —
said the actress.

However, the Ann, fortunately,
do not have to make the painful choice between career and family, and it is this
very happy. Due to its fees
Hathaway could afford good, high-paying nanny not
to worry about the fate of the child. Incidentally, the actress managed
almost impossible for a celebrity of her class: to that the picture the paparazzi never managed to photograph her son. And Ann this extremely
to be proud of. She believes she has an obligation to provide their child a normal