Ольга Бузова сравнила себя с Кирой Найтли The media personality was justified for small Breasts. Olga Buzova resent the increased attention which was extended to the most feminine part of her body. The star has said it has no plans to change their shape by artificial means.

      Ольга Бузова сравнила себя с Кирой Найтли

      Host of the popular project “Dom-2” Olga Buzova has rebuffed the spiteful critics, criticized her recent photos in Instagram, taken during a holiday in Singapore. The fact is that the media personality opted for a snapshot, not a very good angle, who is unable to emphasize all the advantages of her figure. Error Buzova turned into a whole barrage of unkind comments in her address. Don’t mince words, detractors began to excitedly speak about are too modest, according to them, breast size of the star. Some give suggestions for its increase and recommendations on what things to wear, Olga, to disguise this, according to them, a glaring deficiency.

      Olga Buzova silently endure the criticism did not. TV presenter has published in the microblog photo collage, which next to a set of world stars, characterized by suptilnost – Actresses keira Knightley and Gwyneth Paltrow and supermodel Kate moss.

      Ольга Бузова сравнила себя с Кирой Найтли“Great company, isn’t it – wrote Buzova. – These folks also forgot a chest at home” and not steamed. Weird, but I was shocked by this fact and subscribers received a news feed. Love yourself!”

      The star added that she is against the stereotypes and no action to increase the bust to make it not planning. This post is a response to the spiteful critics sparked a new flurry of comments. From those who want to speak about forms of Olga Buzova no end. Within a short period of time mark had more than three thousand users. Most members sided with the presenter and endorsed its pas to the fans to nitpick. “Well Done Olga! Golden words”, “Ol, never mind, I too forget at home the chest and not worried”, “there is Nothing, and will give birth to more chest. Why that has got to push a”, “so Many discussions, seen the chest really rules the world. It’s funny, but my friend with the fourth breast size jealous of my small Breasts, because to me it is easier. Appreciate what you have. Hands, feet are whole and wonderful,” Olga Buzova support loyal fans.

      Ольга Бузова сравнила себя с Кирой Найтли

      It is worth Recalling that less than two weeks ago, Olga Buzova already attracted as much public attention, posting on a microblog a picture in which she, completely naked, peeping from behind a huge bouquet of red roses. Naked photos of Olga Buzova has caused a strong reaction in the Network

      Photo made on subscribers Buzova a lasting impression. Fans admired the beauty of telediva, her idea to shoot in this way and, of course, great immense bouquet, which she clutched to her. However, at that time also was not without caustic remarks. Some blamed Olga that she was excessively thin and advised to eat better to gain weight.

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