Barbara Brylska said, who saved her from death

Барбара Брыльска рассказала, кто спас ее от смерти The actress admitted that didn’t want to live after her daughter’s death. Barbara Brylska is still facing a tragedy that happened more than twenty years ago. “There is no day in my life when I hadn’t thought about the bass,” says the legendary movie star.

      Барбара Брыльска рассказала, кто спас ее от смерти

      5 Jun celebrates the anniversary star of the “irony of fate or With light steam!” Barbara Brylska. Well-known actress is 75 years old. On the eve of a solid date the actress gave an extensive interview to the First channel, which resulted in a film about her called “Barbara Brylska. Men don’t have a chance.”

      In the picture Barbara told about not only happy but and recounting the days from his biography. The star is still facing a tragedy that changed her life, and admits that if not for her youngest son, Ludwig, it is unlikely to be able to bring himself to live after her daughter’s death basi.

      In 1993, 20-year-old heiress Barbara Brylska, beauty, actress and model died in a car accident – the car in which the girl was driving, crashed into a tree, leaving his beautiful passenger a chance to survive.

      Барбара Брыльска рассказала, кто спас ее от смерти

      After the death of basi Barbara Brylska three years out of the house. “I was ashamed to look people in the eye because I live, and the daughter – no, – she recalls. – It’s a disaster, hard to say.”

      In these three years, Barbara was crying day and night, and later she even had to consult a plastic surgeon. “I was crying so much that my eyes were swollen I couldn’t open, and my eyelids were lying on the eyelashes, which I have a very long. And I was told that I need to fix it so I can work. And I had the surgery”. At the funeral of a daughter Barbara didn’t cry, she seemed petrified inside. But her ex-husband, father Bassi, Ludwig, Komal wept bitterly at the tomb. Her death did he take as payment for their sins, because as a gynecologist he was involved in the abortion.

      To survive the child’s death impossible. Barbara tried to understand how she continue to live with this pain.

      “A wise man, a Jew, told me that God gave me two dozen years of happy life. Not everyone is given. I calmed down a little, but not very helpful. There is no day when I haven’t thought about the bass. Her death has poisoned everything, and she had to be very happy.”

      But happiness in the life of Barbara Brylska is still there. It’s her favorite son Ludwig, the daughter of Alexander and grandchildren. “Thank God that I gave birth to Ludwig, even at 42 years old. After the death of his daughter, who was older than him by 10 years and died, the son brought me back to life – says the actress today. – If it was not, there would be no me, and also this interview would not exist. There would be no life. This is my happiness, my joy. This is my everything”.

      Барбара Брыльска рассказала, кто спас ее от смерти

      At the cottage, where he lives, Barbara Brylska, over the past six years, everything has changed, there were slides, swings, where the sport of her grandchildren. And today Barbara Brylska enjoy family happiness. She’s a doting and attentive grandmother mother-in-law. “When it comes to us, not to say that goes with the cloth at the corners, but considering all picky – smiling daughter-in-law Barbara Alexander, Komal. – Interested in what I feed her son and grandchildren. Makes comments sometimes, but all in a very friendly manner.

      Барбара Брыльска рассказала, кто спас ее от смерти
      Барбара Брыльска рассказала, кто спас ее от смерти

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