Ольга Бузова возмутила фанатов эротическим видео с крыши The presenter showed the sexy curves. The star shared a spectacular movie, which appeared in the image of the fatal temptress. Fans noted that Olga looks great.

      A few days ago the star of the reality show “Dom-2” Olga Buzova celebrated his 31st birthday. Girlfriend TV presenter gave her a real triumph. On the balcony of the Madrid hotel where he stayed a girl, singing to local musicians, and her friends showered all around with rose petals. Olga was pleased with such attention from relatives and touchingly thanked them for the surprise.

      Leading enjoyed the sights of Madrid, and also attended parties at local Nightclubs. Rumor has it that the star has even chosen a property on the shore of the Mediterranean sea, to spend more time in Spain. However, while Olga had to go to Russia, because it is waiting for work. A furor among the photos and video from the trip made the movie Buzova, shot at sunset.

      The phenomenon of Olga Buzova: how she made us love her and hate

      Dressed in lace underwear, Olga sensually posing on the roof of one of buildings. Presumably, the girl took part in work on commercial for a fashion brand. It shows every curve of her body, and shoes with thin heels accentuate her long, slender legs. “When I got you, I feel you” – signed Olga mini-clip.

      The followers of the presenter reacted ambiguously to such a sensual video. Some have remarked that Buzova not show up on the roof in this form, as Madrid is pretty cool.

      “Naked in the cold on the roof…”, “get Dressed, get lucky and more!” “Not bothered to flash my panties?”, “Olga, too openly”, “What kind of idiocy just to put on display?”, “Buzova, now you can advertise yourself to get married again,” wrote in the comments under sexy clip of Olga.

      Many Internet users believe that after a divorce with Dmitry Tarasov, the presenter began to behave provocatively, in particular, its clothing style and image completely changed. First, Olga said goodbye to light hair color, and then began to wear tight and provocative outfits. In her microblog began to receive pictures in mini skirts and tight dresses with outright cuts. Besides, on the cover of the new single “Used” Olga appeared in the Nude. Her body only slightly covered with a white blanket. Olga Buzova about the past: “I don’t hurt anymore”

      In the second composition, which quickly became a hit on iTunes, Olga sings about how changed her state after her divorce from Dmitri. In the text “Used” feel all the pain she had endured during the separation from her husband.