Scandal 10 foster children: the stars support the mother

Скандал с 10 приемными детьми: звезды поддерживают мать Evelina Bledans is organizing a rally in support of Svetlana Del. Currently the actress is abroad, but after returning to Russia, plans to go to the mothers and try to resolve the situation. The actress believes that the removal of children was fabricated.

      Скандал с 10 приемными детьми: звезды поддерживают мать

      Svetlana Del “mother of 16 times.” Eight children were taken into care in her family, four adopted children, her husband’s daughter from his first marriage plus one – blood child. Two adult inmates of Del live separately. January 10, the woman was seized ten kids, eight of whom are HIV-positive, and one has down syndrome. The reason for the bruise on the body of 6-year-old Serezha. The teacher of the garden, seeing the bruise, turned in the guardianship, and through hour children, Del was taken to the hospital No. 21 them. Speransky.

      The story of mothers from Zelenograd split society into two camps

      “If children are not vaccinated against influenza, the infection can be dangerous for them – it’s the middle of the epidemic, – the doctor Alexander Myasnikov, host of “About the main thing”. Is a threat with this diagnosis as HIV. If the kids had been vaccinated, nothing wrong that put them in a regular hospital, no.”
      Скандал с 10 приемными детьми: звезды поддерживают мать

      Svetlana was supported by stars: Vera Brezhneva, Irena Ponaroshku and others. In the social network was launched tag #Pomalidomide, which had already published a few thousand posts. Not indifferent to the situation and the actress Evelina Bledans, a mother of four Seeds with down syndrome.

      “The world I know personally, says celebrity “StarHit”. – Met at a charity event, Natalia Vodianova, her family made a good impression on me – all the kids are well-groomed, smiling. The other day she texted me and asked for help. Back from vacation, press charges and will go to Zelenograd, to tell the truth about what happened. After all, children were taken illegally from a friend, I learned that the Light was not given any document on the seizure kids. Promised to return on 13 January, but did not keep his word… the world does not give even adopted children – Peter and Pauline! But Peter has a heart defect, and he’s a special child, like my son. These children have a different mentality, every careless movement of others – for them the stress. My son is now in Thailand, an hour ago, fed the monkeys, one of them took my bag with bananas, and I shouted at her. Sam burst into tears… can you Imagine what Peter experienced? Someone has calculated that child benefits Del reached 540 thousand rubles. Yes, it’s a lot, but to contain, treat sick kids – it’s not cheap! It is possible that the situation is fabricated. Family Amy recently moved from St. Petersburg and now falls under the jurisdiction of Moscow. Because of this child benefits has increased, and who wants to pay that kind of money? But this is just a guess”.
      Скандал с 10 приемными детьми: звезды поддерживают мать

      On January 19, the mayor wrote in his blog that with Svetlana terminated the contract on guardianship and the kids are sent to rehab. The soloist of “Mirage” Margarita Suhankina, at the end of 2013 became the mother of three of Valeria and four-year Serezha, understands how guys are going through.

      “Before you move in with me, my kids lived in an orphanage where no one visited, – says the singer with “StarHit”. – First time crying at night I dreamed they again the walls of the Treasury, where they hurt the older guys. Lera was afraid of, once he even peed right there on the couch… Once went for a walk, I thought, and “detached” from the daughter a few steps, and she was immediately in tears, “You leave me? You will return me to the orphanage?” Kids were horrified, my gentlest dog breed corterier Bear – when he tried to play with them, Serezha and Lera was kicking him. So I can’t even imagine, take it now, for some reason I have, what would become of them in the orphanage! Have the children been there, the psyche is broken – they can not finish! Who in this age, like Serge, does not happen bruises? I feel sorry for kids Lights – they are so traumatized, and then they were sent back to hell…”