Ольга Бузова попала в аварию Road accident with participation of Olga Buzova has occurred on the ring road in Moscow. As the representative of the star, she was not injured, but frightened.
Ольга Бузова попала в аварию

Olga Buzova became a party to the accident. 32-year-old TV star was driving along one of the Moscow tracks, when suddenly back in her car crashed into the truck. Fortunately, the singer was not injured, however, the rear part of her “Mercedes” has been seriously dented and needs to be repaired in the service station.

Both participants of the accident for some time blocked the traffic on the motorway. PR Manager artist Anton Bogoslavskaya hastened to reassure fans of the artist itself Buzova feels good. But on a job she, it seems, still have to be late — the accident happened just at the moment when Olga went to the shooting of the TV show.

“Fortunately, escaped with a fright and injury. The car dented “ass”. By the way, cars were presented to her on birthday. Secret admirer,” he told her PR agent Anton Bogoslavskaya.
Ольга Бузова попала в аварию

During the filming vloga Buzova car sometimes flashed in the frame. It is known that the owner of this cars Olga was in February 2017. She came to the dealership after a call to a specialist who said that her waiting blue SUV color blue metallic with beige leather interior. According to some, the price was 10 million rubles.

Earlier, when Olga was married footballer Dmitry Tarasov, she drove a white Mercedes GLE, which remained after a divorce from her ex-husband. It is known that now the car is pledged.

Dmitry Tarasov laid a two-car Mercedes

At the moment Olga Buzova busy filming the romantic show “Married with Buzova”. On this project, the star hopes to meet his fate. She needs a strong man who can solve any problem. “Dear person needs to do business, and it’s definitely not being cooked porridge and wash plates. I already had a boy in diapers. I have seven years dragged relationship. No longer ready to find a time to meet, to decide where to take the cavalier to rest, what tiles to choose in the hall of the house or where to change winter tires to summer, both in his car and on him! I hope my future man will be able to handle this alone,” said Oleg “StarHit”.

Olga Buzova: “He will answer for his sins”

On the eve of the network appeared the first teaser of the reality. In the short video, the presenter shared his experiences. “I want male affection, care, attention. I want madness, I want fire, I want passion. What checks people? Money and fame. These two factors are in the project. When the person put before a choice, it’s a lot of shows,” explained Buzova.