Советник президента Вениамин Яковлев умер после долгой болезни Veniamin Yakovlev, who for 13 years held the position of adviser to the Russian President, has died at the 87th year of life. The cause of death was not specified, but his colleagues have rushed to Express condolences to the family of a lawyer.
Советник президента Вениамин Яковлев умер после долгой болезни

Daily to engage in the decisions that affect the fate of tens of millions of people — an impossible task, but Veniamin Yakovlev successfully coped with it for 13 years. It was one of the permanent advisers of the Russian President, and that Yakovlev at the time, along with several other authors were involved in drafting the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

24 July 2018 Veniamin died on the 87th year of life. This was announced by the Association of lawyers of Russia.

“The twenty-fourth of July after a long illness on the 87th year of life died Chairman of the Association of lawyers of Russia, Advisor of President, doctor of legal Sciences, Professor, corresponding member of RAS, honored lawyer of the RSFSR, full cavalier of the order “For merits before Fatherland” Veniamin Yakovlev,” — said in the official release.

His career Yakovlev began in 1953. After graduating from the Sverdlovsk law Institute, he worked for several years as a teacher, and then Director of one of the Yakut schools. Next was senior positions in the courts, the native of Sverdlovsk Institute of the national research Institute for Soviet legislation in Moscow.

By 1992, it reached incredible heights in his career, having occupied the position of Chairman of the Supreme arbitration court of the Russian Federation. In this post he will hold for 13 years, until until in 2005 will not be an adviser to the President of the Russian Federation.

At the moment it is unknown what caused the death of Yakovlev. However, his passing shocked many friends and loved ones lawyer. The fact that Veniamin almost never complained on health. June 13, 2018, he was reassigned to the post of adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, and the last month of his life he devoted to the zealous performance of their job responsibilities.

Yakovlev and his wife Galina Ivanovna has two adult children. The daughter of the famous statesman of Faith is now the Director of the Ural branch of the Russian state University of justice.

Also Benjamin Fedorovich survived by three grandchildren and two great-granddaughters.

“RIA Novosti” has not yet announced when will be held the funeral of adviser to the President.