Ольга Бузова продолжила скандал с Настасьей Самбурской. In his latest entry on Instagram, the actress severely criticized the actions of Maxim Fadeev, who said he would not vote for the artist in the nomination “Breakthrough of the year”, and choose the leading “House-2”. Samburski said that Buzova no voice, so it is not something to award the award. The media personality has not stood aside and answered the criticism.

      Ольга Бузова продолжила скандал с Настасьей Самбурской.

      Nastasya Samburski was outraged by the words of the famous producer, who suggested that the actress should not expect to receive awards from the music channel. In his view, it would be better to give the award “Breakthrough of the year” Olga Buzova, which, according to Maxim Fadeev, really deserved it. It is obvious that these words greatly hurt Samburski and she replied that she has no singing talent, but, unlike the leading “House-2”, she does it with soul and is not afraid to look ridiculous. At the same time, she stressed that they have teledelay completely different audience, so to expose them to the comparison, at least, silly.

      Nastasya Samburski had a fight with Maxim Fadeev

      Some time Olga Buzova did not respond to the post nastasi in Instagram. The first said Maxim Fadeev, who succinctly outlined his point of view. “I am sympathetic to the desire Nastasya Samburski, promoting oneself next to my name. She mentioned that I was her revenge. So, revenge can only be equal and in the same position. Certainly not her” – said Fadeev in the social network. Soon after this, the fight was stood up and the TV presenter. She left a comment under the entry Samburski.

      While Nastasia did not react to review of Olga Buzova. Obviously the girl is what to say to her and the producer of the group “SEREBRO”. Interestingly, Maxim Fadeev believes that the way the actress is trying to assert itself, at the same time leading telestroke jokes, saying that is not friendly with Samburski, so she has nothing to share with the artist.

      Recall that accusatory post Nastasya Samburski was related to the fact that Maxim Fadeev refused to vote for her in the music awards. According to celebrity, the man did so because she refused to star in the music video of SEREBRO’s condition. The actress found that a justification, so no claims to it could not be.

      Nastasya Samburski is preparing a new hit for his fans

      “Come on, Maxim Fadeev, Olga crack up, just because I refused the clip from Seryabkina to withdraw for health reasons. There is need of heavy workouts, a day, and I was still banned from exercise, and I explained it. Petty revenge on your part, max,” wrote the star on Twitter.

      Note that in this case, Samburski ready to say goodbye to the reward. It is this thought, she finished her post in Instagram. “I will gladly withdraw my candidacy in favor of Olga Buzova. I owe you nothing, as you told me. Let’s just work. Can anyone not be friends, most Importantly with anybody not to quarrel,” wrote Nastasia.

      It is worth remembering that over the past few months Olga Buzova has released two songs – “the sounds of kissing” and “Used”. She also shot a video for the second song. It is noteworthy that hits the presenter kept on the first lines russkoiazychnogo iTunes for several weeks. Now the woman is preparing another work. At the same time, Nastasya Samburski presented the song “Bad boys” filmed a daring video for “B***” and also prepares another hit. With his own compositions Nastasia performed at the concert of Viktor Drobysh in the ice Palace in St. Petersburg, and Olga Buzova presented their creations on the Big Love Show in the Northern capital and Moscow. Olga Buzova became ill during a speech in St. Petersburg