Ольга Бузова подарила маме квартиру за 16 миллионов

The presenter Studio is situated in the heart of St. Petersburg with an area of over 100 square meters.

Olga Buzova have always been generous when it comes to her family. It is not surprising that the TV presenter decided to make my mom an expensive gift in the form of apartments in the heart of St. Petersburg.

Luxury apartments cost Olga 16 million rubles. The star chose an old house whose Windows offer a beautiful view of the river Moika. Just steps away from the new housing is Nevsky prospect.

The apartment is very bright and spacious, the area more than 100 square meters. Her kitchen and three rooms. There still needs to make repairs and pick up the furniture. By the way, all of these costs are a caring daughter also took.

Buzova plans to equip the parental home light furniture, gently milky, almost white tones. The interior of the family will choose together with one of the major Italian firms.

Olga does not make any mom or dad to move to the capital, knowing that they and Peter well: all friends nearby, native place, says, “StarHit” friend of the family teledive Alina. — Mother Olya is independent, so the gift had to do was surprise to found out and did not stop such spending. Although Buzova, Jr., of course, will not discourage, if she decided something”.

TV presenter decided to spend on the decoration of the apartment all the money from sales of the new book “the Price of happiness” – says Alina. — She has already received several million and immediately transferred them to the mother.”

By the way, on Saturday in Moscow in TTS “European” the presentation of the book itself. In his work the star is teaching people how to achieve harmony in life.

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