Ольга Бузова призналась во вранье
The TV presenter was drawn to the revelation during the holidays.

Immediately after the New year Olga Buzova, there is a trouble — she got sick. Suddenly, when the star arrived at the office, she had a high fever. Olga reached out to fans asking to bring her medication because she did not have the strength. A couple of days the TV presenter was able to raise himself to his feet, but the final chord was… the sun and the sea. Tomorrow, on the eve of the Orthodox Christmas, Buzova have to sing in one of best hotels in Dubai, so seeing a couple days in the chart, the singer decided to go there a little early.

The first day Olga just slept, and then was faced with an unusual problem — idleness. By nature Buzova is a very active person and can not sit idle. But now due to fatigue she couldn’t even read a book. So she thought about his own life, and insights, as usual, has shared with fans in a personal blog.

“You know what we do most often? Lie! — she wrote. — Lying that the crowd that had accumulated in our environment, patch holes in our souls and a feeling of emptiness like leaves but emptiness inside and the crowd outside on this feeling does not affect. We lie that each of us is free, but inside you know that every someone is fixated and someone is bound. We assure everyone around, that we have forgotten all our past, former, but that’s a lie, we remember EACH one to himself admitted. We are loving, lying, do not believe in love and deny its presence, and in the meantime caused her to go crazy. We lie that some people have gone out of our lives and trace it from them gone, but know, after they trampled the whole of the trail which we never let go. We lie that killing time is not with those, we’re good, but we all know what is in the soul of the gap from the lost time and the feeling of dirt on the soul and the body. We lie, smiling widely, deliberately denying yourself and what nights wring us from the inner pain. We used to lie. We were so comfortable. And damn, what’s with the bitterness inside when no one sees the smile from his face disappears by itself…”

Apparently Buzova still suffers from the betrayal of ex-husband Dmitry Tarasov. And not without reason, because on new year’s eve, the footballer proposed to his current girlfriend, and she accepted it. Photo of the ring with a huge stone “flew” the entire Internet, and, apparently, to pick at the scab Buzova. And now there were rumors about pregnancy of the bride of Dmitri. This, by the way, can explain her sudden illness of the star, after all, “all illnesses from nerves”.