Виктория Дайнеко восхитила фотографией без макияжа
30-year-old singer looks much younger.

Photo: Instagram

Immediately after the New year Cheryl Cole flew with his 2-year-old daughter to Georgia to my friends.

“I decided to take a little vacation!” — shared Victoria with fans.

To relax as rest, decided Dayneko — and refused makeup for the period of his stay in the trip. Artists, like anyone else, susceptible to harmful effects on the skin: heavy makeup, regular flights, lack of sleep during the tour — this usually affects not the best way to appearance.

But Dayneko, which a year ago “exchanged” the fourth decade, looks great! It was noted by all subscribers of the star in her personal blog, where she posted a photo of his face without a single gram of cosmetics.

“Without a make quite a girl!” — agreed the fans of the singer.

Generally many say that after the divorce Dayneko really “blossomed”. Apparently, family life is given the singer a hard time, and now she looks happy and prettier. Maybe it’s all in the way that ran the BC to get rid of negative thoughts. Shortly before the New year Vic started shooting. She regularly attends a range in which to shoot it teaches a true professional.