Олег Винник обвинил Катю Жужу в предательстве The businessman spoke about the new hobby known host. After parting with Oleg Vinnik Kate Susan had an affair with the Director of Anna Sedokova. The man reported that he did not expect such behavior from the ex-lover, who, he alleges, were set on reconciliation.

      Олег Винник обвинил Катю Жужу в предательстве

      Not so long ago it became known that the leading Kate Susan broke up with fiancé Oleg Vinnik. The star of “House-2” was spending time in the company of another young man, in which fans of the charismatic brunette learned Director Anna Sedokova Kirill Pavlov. Kate admits that happily in a relationship with a new lover. In this regard, some social media users began to question the ex-lover of Zsuzsa about what happened. Winnick broke the silence and decided to speak about the incident to dot the “i”.

      Susan broke off the engagement with Winnick for a new boyfriend

      According to the man, two weeks ago he made the final decision to part with star electroni. At the moment Oleg is completely absorbed in his work and different projects. “But the world not without “kind” people, and I involuntarily know about its review of our relations, news about our breakup and about her new personal life,” said winnick.

      Олег Винник обвинил Катю Жужу в предательстве

      The man also spoke about Katie’s new lover Zsuzsa. Oleg made it clear that he is not very nice when the topic being discussed. “Of course, public life Katie obliges her to live parading, and hanging out, underwear on full view, but let’s not forget about basic human respect and education,” said winnick. According to Oleg, the host was planning to get back with him, but at the last moment suddenly changed his mind.

      “Of course, the fact that broadcast her new relationship to me unpleasant due to the fact that just a few days ago Kate was determined to reconciliation. She wrote to me about love, that waits for me and never will. Therefore, in light of today’s events her behavior I would be called hypocritical, as she wrote yesterday. Her repertoire and values clear. I was surprised by the fact that Kati has a new novel, at a time when I didn’t manage to get to St. Petersburg”, – said the businessman.
      Олег Винник обвинил Катю Жужу в предательстве

      Your post winnick was accompanied by a picture with the inscription “the Difference between a lie and the truth is that lies always have a witness and the truth – never.”

      Recall that Kate Susan and Oleg Vinnik repeatedly split up and then reconciled. So many fans of the couple believe that they can be together again. However, apparently, not so long ago in the relationship of the young people came a real crisis. Leading publishes photos with her new chosen one, and share statuses, leaving no hope for her reconciliation with ex-lover.