The Timothy’s mom talked about family drama

Мама Тимати рассказала о семейной драме Simona Yunusova remembered the difficulties in communicating with parents. According to the woman, they wanted, instead they have a son. But fate decreed otherwise. Yunus admits that she failed to win the favor of his mother.

      Simona Yunusova is an active user of social networks. The woman often shares tips with subscribers, telling them about the upbringing of a granddaughter of Alice and talks on various topics relating to the family. Visit mom Timati you can find a lot of pictures of his daughter in different scenes. Followers Yunusova amazed at what a caring Alice’s grandmother. The woman maintains relationships with Alena Shishkova, girls mom, despite the fact that her son recently broke up with model.

      About his childhood Simon to remember is not love. However, seeing as people are actively discussing in the comments of family problems, the woman also decided to share a personal story. As Yunus says, her parents dreamed of a boy, and came to light it.

      “Dad really wanted a son, even the name was ready – Simon (that was the name of my grandfather). But, alas. When the Mother said that the girl was born, she sobbed until the morning… She wanted to live up to the trust of a loved one! Probably, at that moment I didn’t care, but then the stories about this somehow gets to the heart… I was called a rare foreign name is Simon, it apparently resonated with the semen… And my dad loved each other once and for all. Like all moms, my fed, cared and treated. I wrote that dad was a musician, and when by age three it was discovered that the girl has pronounced musical ability, it’s brought us together even stronger,” – said Simon.

      The mother of the rapper recalls that he always waited impatiently for father’s return from work. Men so loved her daughter that constantly spent with her a very long time. He composed music, and read the heiress of his poems, to hear her opinion about them. However, such proximity Simone’s dad to anything good has not resulted. “Many years later I realized that I had awakened in the mother’s jealousy. The daughter became her opponent. It turns out, it happens. I “took away” her dad,” admitted Yunusov.

      Followers began briskly to discuss this issue in the comments to the post. Simon promised to write the continuation of the family drama. “The classic situation that dads want boys and more like girls”, “Only after a year of psychoanalysis, you will be able to lick their childhood traumas. It turned out that my mother competed with me as a female, but it is a trifle, in comparison of her mental illness”, “Very interesting!” – said users of the Network.

      Earlier, Yunus gave advice to subscribers on raising kids and maintaining a healthy climate in the family. “If we became parents, therefore, need to maintain, to protect their children because no one else. Not just hear, but to understand that the child was not afraid to come with any problem and knew exactly that it does not repel!” – written by Simon.