Oleg Tabakov was in intensive care

Олег Табаков попал в реанимацию The artist was taken to the hospital. According to some sources, Oleg Tabakov was diagnosed with severe pneumonia. Employees reference medical institutions have confirmed this information.

Some time ago it became known that the famous actor and Director of the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov Oleg Tabakov was urgently hospitalized in the First City hospital. It is reported that the famous artist campaigns.

Tonight was supposed to be a play in which was involved Oleg Tabakov. In the play he plays a major role. The day before in the theater apologized for the fact that the fans will have to wait until next time to see the production. “Dear viewers! For technical reasons, the play “the Year when I was born”, scheduled for 27 November 2017 on the Main stage of the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov, cancelled”, – reported in social networks theatre.

“StarHit” confirmed the information about hospitalization in the reference hospitals and reported that Oleg Pavlovich delivered in six intensive care unit.

A little later came the information that Oleg Pavlovich is undergoing tests, and his life and health threatens nothing. These data confirmed the son of the star Pavlo Tabakov. The journalists managed to contact a famous artist, but he was laconic.

“I’m sick”, – said Oleg Tabakov, and then hung up.

In mid-September, shortly before going onstage in the theatre, Oleg Pavlovich was bad. Then he called the ambulance, but he refused hospitalization. He asked the doctors to give him a shot for the pain and began to prepare to go on stage. Moreover, contrary to the advice of physicians, he came on stage and brilliantly played its part in the performance. However, this had to delay the start for 20 minutes. None of those present did not notice that tobacco was not feeling well.

Not so long ago, tobacco was in the epicenter of the scandal connected with financial fraud. The famous artist was accused that he used his position to misappropriate a large sum of money. However, the Oleg Pavlovich considered such statements nonsense. He said that all his work is completely transparent, because these accusations are unfounded.

Also tobacco to materialize for fabulous fees, which are charged in his theatre. He said that this is not surprising. Oleg Tabakov responded to allegations of financial fraud

Based on the materials of “Interfax” and “Moscow speaking”.