Олег Меньшиков делает ремонт за 100 млн рублей

September 1 kicks off not only the year but also season.

Today, the artistic Director of the theater. Yermolova, the Oleg Menshikov has gathered their artists to celebrate the beginning of a new season.

From this process, Menshikov made a real triumph: in the lobby of actors and journalists met a huge basket of ice cream, many expect prizes and gifts.

Artistic Director organized a sort of a lottery, the lucky ticket which drew four people. The winners Menshikov was handed a bottle of elite cognac and a huge food basket.

In fellowship Oleg told how the Prime Minister expect us to in this season: “six premieres in the season as it was last year, we did not succeed, but the plans are big. Thus, in the first half we have “Macbeth”, “Duck hunt” and “Process” Kafka – even those works. I promise that in the second half of our premiere will be fun”.

Note that the first performance will take place on 1 October. By This time the artistic Director has promised to complete all repair work in the theater, which has been allocated 100 million roubles “has been achieved, but the process is not finished. The corridor leading to the office of artistic Director, can wait, but the spectator toilets and dressing rooms will be ready for the first show of this season, that is October 1!”