Oleg Gazmanov showed the grown beautiful daughter

Олег Газманов показал подросшую красавицу-дочь Fans found that Marianna’s dad’s copy, only red. Oleg Gazmanov has a tender feelings for his younger successor. Fans of the musician called his daughter a “Cute redhead” for bright hair color.

      Олег Газманов показал подросшую красавицу-дочь

      Popular singer Oleg Gazmanov not so often shows fans their only daughter Marianne. But on the eve of subscribers microblog musician might enjoy a fine picture, placed the happy father. It his grown up daughter Marianne is depicted sitting on the beach. Girl shot in profile, she has a very romantic and looking into the distance look. Probably about the same mood waited for their Crimson sails, the beautiful heroine of the novel by Alexander grin by the name of Assol. The photo of Marianne Oleg Gazmanov accompanied with a quote from his song “Daughter”, in which he confesses his love for his sweet girl.

      “Docha, docha, docha, daughter.
      Night, night, night the night.
      I’m afraid his breath to frighten
      Your dream.
      Years, years, years roll.
      You change your dresses
      Know that each time a new in love with you…”

      And the caption made an impression on the followers of Oleg Gazmanov. They began to make compliments to the artist and his lovely heiress, noting how she had matured and became a real beauty. “Very beautiful, just like your daddy!”, “Daddy’s girl, though, and the redhead”, “Cute sweet redhead”, “Not so long ago showed your concert on TV, there your daughter was young. Time flies. The kids grow up”, I leave the comments to the post Oleg Gazmanov his followers.

      Recall that Marianne is the daughter of Oleg Gazmanov from the second wife Marina Muravyova-Gazmanova. Together with his wife, the singer brings her 18-year-old son from his first marriage, Philip. Have Gazmanov also has an older son Rodion, who is already 34 years old. Marianna – the late child star, she was born when her famous father was already fifty years old.

      12-year-old Marianne is very creative nature. The girl goes to school with a theatrical bias, where, besides the basic General subjects, learning acting skills, the history of jazz music and theatre, as well as learn how to do makeup. Marianne is excited about her education despite a serious burden. In addition, the daughter of popular singer has a lot of Hobbies — playing guitar, snowboarding, foreign languages, singing. Marianne also deals in the famous “death spiral” in the directions of hip-hop and break dance.


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