Олег Газманов об отмене концерта: «Неприятно, когда твое имя связано со скандалом» The actor and his representatives explained how the situation. Currently the contractor is on a tour in Russia. Recently, the Network spread information that Gazmanov speech in Tver postponed due to the fact that he allegedly does not collect halls. The singer explained that these figures are an outright lie.

      A few days ago, the Network appeared information about the fact that the concert of Oleg Gazmanov in Tver will not be. A company that promised local residents a singer on February 25 DK Metallist, said the cancellation of the event. According to some, the show could not hold due to the fact that the star does not collect a full-house during the tour. “StarHit” contacted Oleg Gazmanov, to find out what is the situation.

      Singer and songwriter explained that the incident with the concert in Tver – not only during his tours. According to the artist, the schedule of performances posted on the official website.

      “We have not planned a concert there, this is not the first time. At the end of last year I called the Governor of Tomsk and said that he would be happy to attend the event. Moreover, I have a song dedicated to this city. But then the situation was exactly the same, just so the organizers started to sell tickets. The third case was in Orenburg. All these stories I’ve heard from her fans who wrote me on social networks. Have to deal with it,” – said Gazmanov.

      Oleg Budargin noted that the regional organizers sometimes dishonest conduct business: first announce his concert, and then try to negotiate with the Director. “It’s definitely a fraud. I want to appeal to his fans: check out the information on the official websites of the artists that come to you. If in the chart it is, then the performance certainly will. People who suffered from this, you can file a lawsuit in court,” said the singer.

      At the moment Gazmanov very busy touring schedule, every day he had to travel several hundred kilometers, moving from city to city.

      “We always sold out. The statement that the canceled concert, of course, a blow to our reputation… Now the food in Ryazan, tickets not even. Very frustrating that my name is associated with such a scandal,” explained Oleg.

      Concert Director, artist Dmitry said that sometimes people intentionally or unintentionally do advertising and organizing the event, not agreeing with it personally.

      “I really call the people wanted to hold a concert. But the date was in limbo. But until they received confirmation, they could not sell the tickets and promote the event. Perhaps there was confusion. They deny that they sold the tickets. After all, they too end up in a bad situation”, – said the representative of Gazmanov, commenting on the situation of Tver concert.

      Dmitry explained that the organizers need to double-check everything several times. Because Gazmanov looking forward to fans in different cities, sometimes there are difficulties. According to concert Director, in some places the tickets are bought for the month.

      “Fans sometimes recheck, whether there will be a concert, call. Sometimes you have to do two performances in the city. But the artist also needs to rest. Now very rich tour”, – said Dmitry “StarHit”.