Olga Buzova threatened with court because of the failure of the sales of her books

Ольге Бузовой угрожают судом из-за провала продаж ее книги The publisher of the book the presenter considers that the author has not fulfilled its obligations. Last summer, Olga Buzova released autobiography called “the Price of happiness”. But to sell the literary work it was not easy, despite all the tricks.

      Ольге Бузовой угрожают судом из-за провала продаж ее книги

      Last summer with resounding success, the presentation of a book by Olga Buzova “Price of happiness”. In his literary creation, she talked about the thorny path to fame and success, and how to find joy in marriage. However, six months after the publication of the autobiography, she divorced with her husband Dmitry Tarasov, and publishers intend to sue the broadcaster. About this lawyer said in the Studio of the program “Talk show”.

      The reason for the decline in sales of works associated with the fact that the celebrity ceased to advertise my own book. For the sake of exclusivity of his work, she traveled to Germany to create a unique perfume that permeated the pages of the publication. But now publishers are going to require the author of eight million rubles.

      “If she receives a complaint that we sent her to St. Petersburg, and does not respond, then we file a lawsuit in Arbitration court with the requirement about compulsion to post this book one or two times a week. Otherwise, we refer to the bailiffs,” – said the lawyer Alexei Stepanov.
      Ольге Бузовой угрожают судом из-за провала продаж ее книги

      As it turned out, Olga has still not received the remaining part of the money, as it is necessary to sell the entire edition. Only after that the author will receive about four million rubles. Defender Buzova said that the presenter did all that was required of her. The book of Olga Buzova was not affordable to her fans

      “Participated in presentations, participated in photo shoots, provided all the materials”, – said the lawyer of the stars Andrey Akulov.

      Publisher Dmitry Oseransky didn’t expect that sales will be so low – out of ten thousand printed books fans only dismantled the third. Now the remaining specimens, impregnated with perfume, gathering dust in a warehouse in the suburbs. According to the publisher, he invested in this business more than eight million rubles.

      Ольге Бузовой угрожают судом из-за провала продаж ее книги

      Representative Olga Buzovoy Anton Theology believes that the celebrity did even more than expected – met with fans, signed autographs on the book.

      She, Olga Buzova did not understand why she needs to stimulate the sales of his book, which promised to become a bestseller.

      “It turns out that I do post and earn more. About what I advertise, I sense what? I’m writing a post – the book sold, not write – not for sale. Not a very high level of relations”, – said the presenter.