Oksana Kazakova gets a divorce with her husband

Оксана Казакова оформляет развод с супругом
Participant of the TV project “the Voice” Oksana Kazakova decided to part with his three-room apartment in the center of Moscow.

Оксана Казакова оформляет развод с супругом

On his personal page on the Internet Oksana placed an ad about selling.

“Another option is sharing a one – bedroom apartment near the subway at least a 15-20 minute walk with surcharge of 5 million rubles… I Hope for your wisdom and understanding… do Not ask too many questions,” published in Instagram singer.

Оксана Казакова оформляет развод с супругом

The journalists decided to find out the details and called the mother to find out what happened.

“I have my reasons. With husband divorce. Once again, I put up a sign before the husband shot him,” replied the artist.

As it turned out, the relationship of the spouses went wrong for quite some time. They tried to make it work, but it seems wrong.

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