Nyusha ready to go on maternity leave

Нюша готова уйти в декретный отпуск
Singer dreams of having a baby at 18.

Nyusha and Igor Sivov

Soon Jane will tie the knot with her fiancé Igor Sivov. The singer had planned a small wedding, held in a circle of close friends. The actress says she never dreamed of a white wedding. But with 18 years waiting for the moment when you can feel the joy of motherhood.

The advent children Nyusha will start to work with my husband immediately after the wedding. The performer thinks of how many will give birth to toddlers, but she will appreciate any amount. To maternity leave as soon as Jane is not afraid. She was not concerned that the popularity during this time can dramatically go down. She believes that the birth of children — the main purpose of women, and puts the mission above his career.

“In my opinion, it is quite natural when you, being a wife, having a career, having finally perform their main function of women — said Jane. — I think for every woman, motherhood is very important. This is our destiny, we were created for this, just each of us goes through it differently… There are girls who almost immediately go back to work, and someone may go on maternity leave for five years. And there are no right or wrong decision, everyone makes a choice for himself. I think at this point I seriously think, when you already become a mother!”

In your choice Nyusha 100% sure. According to the artist, she’s incredibly comfortable in a relationship with Igor. “I always wanted my choice was not just a man I love, but best friend. My fiancé and I are very close friends. I know I can tell him everything. We don’t need to take a break from each other, we don’t need personal space, even though I know couples who need it. We try to carry as much time together, we are comfortable with each other!” — quoted by Nyusha Woman.ru.