Нумеролог: «Жена Аркадия Укупника скоро подарит ему ребенка» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the birthday of the singer. According to women in the near future, Arkady Ukupnik can become a father – for this there is a weight of preconditions. As it turned out, the musician is very energetic and full of energy and ambitious plans.

      Нумеролог: «Жена Аркадия Укупника скоро подарит ему ребенка»

      Honored artist of the Russia Arkady Ukupnik February 18, marks 64 years. The peak of popularity of the singer was in the middle of the 90s and early 2000s – then the whole country sang his hits “I get on you’ll never get married” and “SIM-SIM, open up!”. Today Ukupnik doesn’t write new songs – star just dedicated himself to the creation of music for film – his music has been performed in the films “Irony of fate” (2010), “Love-carrots 3” and others. 2014 Arkady along with his wife Natalia and Igor Butman, organizes an annual jazz festival “World Jazz Festival” in Riga. With his wife Natalia Ukupnik together for more than sixteen years, the couple grows five year old daughter Sonia.

      Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the life code and found that Arcadia expects in the future.

      “A son was born in “the Day of the finished picture,” says Clara. In its life the program 2911279 – written sign of popularity – it was destined to become famous, he’s a lucky man. Arkady has great analytical and even psychic abilities – he opened the channel predictor. He is charismatic and loved by all, but his character was difficult. In everyday life it is difficult and, worst of all, with age it will be more difficult – age will do the temper of the artist every year more unbearable. So his wife Natalia is patience, because emotions her husband will prevail over his mind. But he is an honest man, can not lie, to cheat and to build suspense, all his emotions written on his face. Plus, he was a generous man and easy to part with money – his favorite of anything knows no failure. The artist is good friend – always ready to help friends of friends”.

      According to numerology, in the future, the artist can be another addition to the family. Says Kuzenbaeva, his family are all possibilities.

      “Ukupnik good energy and it will always look really young – continues specialist. At 64 years of him waiting for takeoff in his career – perhaps he’ll write a new hit. This year, tens so it is possible that even the artist may once again become a father. It is noteworthy that the code of his life – it’s a code change. Therefore, the artist should not be afraid to change something in your life. It is possible without fear to switch to another activity without fear that it will fail – if the artist, like opening a restaurant, he will be successful and will enrich its owner”.