Нина Агдал променяла 42-летнего Леонардо Ди Каприо на молодого красавчика
Ex-girlfriend of the actor is not wasting his time.

Нина Агдал променяла 42-летнего Леонардо Ди Каприо на молодого красавчика

Nina Agdal

Photo: Instagram.com

Jack Brinkley-Cook

Photo: Instagram.com

25-year-old Nina Agdal has attracted
the attention of reporters over the weekend. The fact that for the first time since
since she broke up with Leonardo DiCaprio, she was caught with new boyfriend. Reporters managed to track down Nina in the Hamptons,
during her date with Jack Brinkley-cook.

They Nina was having fun till you drop in the restaurant the Surf Lodge. And, as
witnessed other visitors, they not only leave each
from each other and continuously chatted, but all the time kissing, undeterred
the presence of strangers.

Jack is the son of famous parents: his father
Peter cook is a famous British actor and
the writer and her mother is supermodel Christie Brinkley. However, the young man,
who is still learning to be an actor, to become famous you haven’t yet. But he is young: he is only 22 and very good

Perhaps the new novel will help Nina to forget about the 42-year-old Leo. Recall that DiCaprio
broke up with Nina in may of this year. They had known each other for more than five years, but their
the relationship developed into a love story only last summer. The culmination of their romance,
attracting the most media attention, was the scene reporters
spied on a beach in Malibu when Leo indulged in violent sex with
his girlfriend right on the beach…