Ирена Понарошку жалеет о романе с темнокожим баскетболистом
TV presenter impressed the fans a Frank recognition.

Irena Ponaroshku

Irena Ponaroshku shared a very candid
post, after which, upon recognition of the host
she was afraid to live. The star decided to dream on
the topic of what she regrets. And this publication Irene came about a very personal matter: Pretend told a failed romance novels, which she now
all the time remembers.

“It is fashionable, of course, to say: “I am about
no regrets,” shared Irene. — But I, for one, regret that I didn’t have to
life of guy-a motorcyclist who had hit me in the University on
the envy of your classmates… And even with St. Petersburg was not, which took me in
Peter, put me Banton, intelligent kneading my bread unintelligent
and taught to distinguish 6789 shades of grey… never happened boyfriend with a large and
a good Labrador, whom I loved more than the boyfriend. What about
the dark-skinned basketball player, I generally keep quiet, because I have already regretted
the previous posts! However, according to the laws of reincarnation in the next incarnation we
get all dreamed in this life. So to die is not scary
much worse live, because the husband reads Instagram…”

Subscribers microblog Fake appreciated
sparkling sense of humour the stars and had a good laugh over her “confession”.