Николай Басков стремительно теряет вес The singer has lost four sizes. New forms of Nikolay Baskov has delighted his fans. According to singer, he decided to buckle down in preparation for the new show. “I realized that I didn’t want to roll up on the scene,” explains the star.

      The famous singer Nikolai Baskov, who in October last year, was forty years old, decided to conduct a relentless struggle with excess weight. Fans of the singer who follow his life on Instagram, could not help but notice the dramatic changes with the look of the stars for the last time.

      Nikolay Baskov significantly, lost weight and began to look younger than their years. On the eve of the singer published in the microblog are very brave for yourself the. It Baskov poses with a naked torso, clearly proud that he managed to achieve such results in the struggle for harmony.

      By the way, could not ignore the changes in appearance of the famous singer and presenter of the program “Smak” Ivan Urgant, a guest who last Saturday became Nikolay Baskov with his beloved Sophie Kalcheva. Nikolai Baskov: “I asked: wanna get married? Sonia said no!”

      “Nicholas, tell me how you got so thin?” asked Urgant. “Nick refused bad emotions, and it all went in his favour,” replied for the man she loved Sophie for Kalcheva.

      Nikolay Baskov admitted that he decided to buckle down in preparation for a new show “the Game”, which this spring he will tour the cities of Russia. “I was preparing for the show, and realized that I didn’t want to roll up on the scene, I must appear effectively – said the singer. – Took for themselves, wore things 54-gauge, and now I have 46, 48 well size. Costumes are adjusted to the new me.”

      Fans of Nikolai Baskov admire his willpower and not get tired of doing star compliments. “Kolya, you’re so beautiful! You look awesome,” “Good as lost, now get buff and be awesome”, “Kolya, you are our dear, lost weight, well done! Watched “smack” you, as always peerless and beautiful, and Sonia babe!”, “Boy! Super! Gorgeous voice and body, too!”, “Well done! Keep it up,” – admired subscribers microblog Nikolay Baskov.

      The singer admits that consume food anything you want. He tries to burn extra calories frequent walking and workouts at the gym. Performer not long ago explained that if in the morning eat cake, the evening will arrange a Hiking trip near the house. Earlier, the actor lost weight on the system of Queen Margaret and wore that thing everywhere containers with certain products that he was allowed to eat.