Diana Gurtskaya often questioned son

Диана Гурцкая часто допрашивает сына The singer seeks to understand what living her child. Diana Gurtskaya is constantly talking heart to heart with nine-year-old Bones tries to protect him from trouble. The actress said “StarHit” that interested in the Hobbies of the boy, controlling his study.

      On a hot June day in 2007 in the family of famous singer Diana Gurtskaya and her husband Peter Kucherenko was a joyful event came to light their son. The boy was named Constantine. For the past nine years of happy parents raise their child and try to do everything for the boy grew up in love and comfort. Diana, as a caring mother, trying to take an active part in the life of the son.

      “I want to know about all his interests, even trying to understand computer games, – shares with “StarHit” Diana Gurtskaya. – You know what “minecraft”? I don’t, so often they ask him about the characters, the plot, the challenges of the game. He tells me, and I imagine all the details, trying to memorize them”.

      Kostya and Diana no secrets from each other. The boy trusts the parent of all the most secret and shares with her his experiences. However, the legendary singer of the hit “You know, mom,” there’s nothing to worry about.

      “Now other times, continues Gurtskaya. – Children glued to the computer, to the Internet, so I think that education, various clubs, a music school will be able to protect us from not the best situations we sometimes face. Yes, I’m very hard and strict, unlike dad.”

      In its nine years, Kostya learns to “excellent” in one of the state schools, well accompanies the mother, plays tennis and is interested in Georgian dances.

      “Sometimes rages, laughs Diana. – Complains that he does not have a full weekend, but nothing terrible.”

      As it turned out, the son of the singer does not need Tutors. He has the power to cope with the lessons and with some questions refers to the mother.

      “Of course, follow, as he writes, I can not, – says Gurtskaya. But together we read books, love to learn the lyrics. I separately printed out for yourself and then watch how he reads is right or wrong. History is our favorite subject. I want to experience the atmosphere in which he grows up, afraid to miss even one minute.”