Nikolai Baskov kissed a fan's chest at concert Apparently, he decided to follow the example of Philip Kirkorov.

Nikolai Baskov kissed a fan's breasts at a concert enough reason to gossip. At first, everyone was concerned about the state of his health, and now a video has appeared on the Web in which the pop singer looks cheerful and ready for new achievements. Which he proved at a recent concert, licking the breasts of a fan.

Nikolai Baskov kissed a fan's chest at concert

In one A video appeared on Telegram channels in which the “golden voice” of Russia kissed the breasts of one of the girls in an evening dress who was standing nearby.

The footage shows the musician taking breaks to enjoy the beauty. The fan was obviously surprised by Baskov's behavior, but at the same time, along with the rest of the crowd, she was delighted with such an extraordinary gesture of attention from the star.

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