Stas Piekha spoke about his behavior at the Star Factory The singer claims that he did not mock anyone.

Stas Piekha spoke about his behavior at the "Star Factory" Last weekend there was a concert dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the “Star Factory” project, where many of its participants performed their hits. For the first time in a long time, Stas Piekha appeared in public. Last month, he was ill with coronavirus and even ended up in the hospital. The consequences of the disease still make themselves felt – the singer suffers from headaches and therefore is forced to refuse many job offers. But for the sake of such an event, he left the house.

Stas Piekha spoke about his behavior at the Star Factory

There he talked to journalists and told about the rumors that go around his behavior at the “Factory”. Stas stated that some believe that he was arrogant and made fun of the other members. But these statements are not true.

“I was accused of many things: that I deliberately behaved impudently at the factory in order to have a rating, that I mocked Anton Zatsepin, in snobbery. I officially declare that I just lived like in a pioneer camp, got high as best I could and did not over anyone I enjoyed life and profession, as now – 20 years later. Although “then” and “now” are two radically different artists, “Piekha said.

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