Никки Рид рассказала о своей жизни и бизнесе после рождения ребенка

Никки Рид рассказала о своей жизни и бизнесе после рождения ребенка

The protagonist of the series “the vampire Diaries” Ian Somerhalder and his wife, actress Nikki reed in July 2017 for the first time become parents. On light there was a girl called Body Solely. The paparazzi has not been able to take pictures of the child, parents to shield her daughter from the public.

Nikki tried for years to get pregnant, but she had some problems with it. Therefore, Bodysuit for her very long-awaited and desired child, but the actress sees in her daughter the meaning of life. Reed continues to act in serials and films, very often leaves a child and went on trips with her husband, is an activist on environmental issues in the world, and successfully promotes your jewelry business. Her brand of jewelry is unique and in the world there are no analogues. The fact that all the decorations are made of special materials, they are recycled parts from tablets, laptops and computers.

The actress shared how she manages to combine motherhood, career and own business. An interview she gave at the presentation of the new brand of clothes in one of the hotels of the United States.

According to the actress, the balance must be maintained in all, it calls for it, because it does not consider himself a psychologist or expert in this field, it is her personal choice. Their business she began in that moment, when her daughter was born, so now she is raising two children. According to her, many mothers try to combine good housekeeping and the upbringing of the child, it needs to be ready and aware.

The main rule for Nicky is attention itself. Every day she finds time to be alone with yourself, without a child, husband and work. For her, it is extremely important, because at this moment it is charged with energy and comes up with new projects in mind that are born of purpose and ideas. At this stage of life reed believes that the successful actress, wife and mother.

Also the celebrity has admitted that her child she is not showing to the public, but very often shares his daughter’s success. She doesn’t understand those moms who endlessly compare their children with others. In her opinion, the child enters this world with a unique creation that cannot even be compared with someone else. Each child has their way and the parents must help to go on this road. This rule Ian guided when raising a daughter.

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