Nikita Tarasov first told about their favorite

Никита Тарасов впервые рассказал о своей любимой
37-year-old actor Nikita Tarasov became popular after starring in the TV series “Kitchen”, where she played a pastry chef, Louis.

Никита Тарасов впервые рассказал о своей любимой

The actor doesn’t like to publicize my personal life, trying to keep it secret. Recently, Nikita had a discussion with the journalists and finally decided to talk about its second half.

“My heart is busy. Very busy. Seriously you say. That’s just my personal space to remain personal. I’m not one of those people who on your wedding party will get all the secular journalists. I think it is important not to stick out that part of life which is not related to public activities. But hiding is not hiding. Those concerned than I am today, had Breakfast in what manor were walking – you are welcome to my social accounts on the Internet. In his personal life as important harmony”, – said Tarasov.

It is worth noting that the man never was married and is considered to be the eligible bachelor.

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